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About This Directory provides information about clergy and parishes affiliated with the Episcopal Church. The information displayed is provided by clerics and Episcopal institutions listed for publication online and, in a more complete form, in the print editions of the Episcopal Clerical Directory and the Episcopal Church Annual. is updated regularly to reflect the latest updates from the clergy and institutions listed.

The Episcopal Clerical Directory is the biennial directory of all living clergy in good standing in the Episcopal Church. It includes full biographical information and ministry history for each cleric. The most current directory is available for purchase on

The Episcopal Church Annual includes a comprehensive directory of provinces, dioceses, and churches, including contact information and listings of active clergy. It also includes information on institutions, schools, and groups affiliated with the Episcopal Church. To purchase the most current annual edition, go to

For privacy reasons, the print editions contains much more biographical information than we can make available on As the information is provided by the clerics and institutions listed, The Church Pension Group cannot guarantee accuracy of any biographical data.